Saturday, May 28, 2011

All Boys Need Toys

A while back Z came home and told me he stopped into the motorcycle place and was looking at bikes. He used to have one but we rarely went out on it because the girls were small and life was busy. So he sold it. I think he has missed having one ever since.
I'm not a bike person per-say but I do like the wind whipping through my hair and the smell of the country side as I'm clinging on for life. Z likes to ride but its not his life. He doesn't want to take big trips or anything. He's perfectly content with just zooming to town and back.
So a little more than a week ago the kids and I were riding "shotgun" with Z while he worked. He had some extra time to kill and we were by the motorcycle shop so we stopped in. They sell new and used bikes. This Triumph was sitting next to the one Z had been looking at. It's the same model just last years. I fell in love with it instantly. I know Z liked it too but he didn't want to say so. I kept telling him he should purchase it and he wouldn't. The place was really busy and the salesman hadn't been over to talk to us yet and Z told me we had to leave. I told him to go ahead that I wanted to talk to the sales-vulture and ask him some questions. With some persuasion Z left me there. 
When Z came back to get me I had bought the bike for him. Well not really, I filled out all the paperwork and since I don't work he bought the bike for him. But he wouldn't have done it on his own so I had to give him a little push. I'm so glad I did. I knew we'd love riding it.
What we didn't know was how much the girls were going to LOVE LOVE LOVE the bike. Everyday Chrissy and Mimi get up and if it's not raining they they start hounding daddy to drive them to school or pick them up from school on it. I think they now like the bike more than the pick up. 
We are now officially rednecks.


FishermansDaughter said...

Ok, so you're now officially The Best Wife EVAR. What a thoughtful, generous, loving gesture! Great memory maker - everyone will remember rides on "Daddy's Bike" for always.

Mama Goose said...