Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Madness

I know as a mom I'm supposed to love Mother's Day. And I do. (It's my blog and I can use And to begin my sentence AND if you don't like it that's too bad)
I love everything that comes woith being a mom. Except being pregnant. That I didn't like. Oh, and mouthy kids. I don't like that either. Or sick kids. So I guess there are a few dislikes but if you put it all together it is so worth it.
We had a very busy weekend. Mim's school had a dance and I'm on the PTO. ACK! Why do I do these things to myself. Friday we had to start to set up for it. Saturday we had to haul butt and finish. I never knew what went into making balloon arches. Especially ones that spanned the length of both sides of the gym. My fingers still haven't recovered. It even hurts to type. What an awesome group of ladies to work with. No-one slacked and everyone laughed and made it a very nice evening for all the kiddos and their families.
Even Dane had a grand time. He got to dance to Cotton Eyed Joe and to Poker Face. The best part of his night though is that I was working and he got to run amok. Which he did. His sisters were constantly running around trying to find him. At one point I would hide Dane under the table and watch the girls go nuts looking for him but try to look like nothing was wrong so they wouldn't attract my attention and realise that they lost Dane. It was almost mean.
I had hoped no, prayed that Dane would sleep in this morning until seven. No such luck. He was up at six. I was already up so it didn't really matter I just wanted a little quiet time to get Sunday ready for Sunday. I made Knock You Naked Brownies. I got the recipe from PW's website. They are east to make and very good. VERY rich. I probably won't make them again unless company is coming. I also threw a pork shoulder in the crock pot. Again I used PW's recipe. It was made with Dr. Pepper and chipolata peppers in Adobes sauce. That will become a staple in this house. It was awesome but it has a kick. (My spelling is awful and spell check is worse) After that was cooking I made a huge batch of pancakes. We haven't had them in awhile so it was a treat.

After Church Kadie came over and we hung out all afternoon. We went to the track so Chrissy could show Kadie her racewalk (thats another story to come) and then we hung out and ate. 
Dane fell asleep at six and I wished I could go to bed with him. I'm on my way soon. Very very soon.

I want to wish every a Happy Mother's Day and to all my friends that have lost their moms I give a huge cyber hug to. It's hard to celebrate Mother's Day when your mom is gone. 


KimberlyDi said...

Big hug back to you. It's took years for me to stop hating Mother's Day. My son showed up unannounced and I loved it!

FishermansDaughter said...

Wow. Busy bee! Sounds like great fun.

Mama Goose said...

I'm exhausted after reading that...

You're right, celebrating with out her is hard. I'm glad you made it through okay... xo