Thursday, May 19, 2011

Showing me Some Love

This past weekend Z and I went away. We don't get away too often and we were in desperate need of a kid free twenty four hours. When we went into our room this was the first thing I saw.

And you can see the first thing that I did.

I really liked the bathroom. No tub just a large shower. I took the picture so you could see the built in shelf that held the towels. Not just one towel for each of us but two big towels for each of us and extra hand towels and washcloths. For some reason that was very important to me.

This bed, ahhhhh, was very sleepable. I normally don't like white bedding but this bed made me rethink that. Of course in my house it wouldn't be white for very long.
We had a great time walking around the downtown area and ate at some neat places. It really was just what we needed to recharge. We decided that we should try to get away at least every other month for the night.
Of course then we came home and the kids were screaming at each other and not one of them liked what we picked up for them and we wondered if it was worth the twenty four hours. We decided not so we had better stay away at least forty eight next time.


FishermansDaughter said...

I LOVE this so much. Good for you both, getting away/making time for each other is SO important.

my word is



Mama Goose said...

So nice you could get away together!

Frank said...

I judge hotel rooms by how well their towels are folded/how many of them are included.

Although none of the ones I've ever stayed in came with wine :(

carsick said...

Frank, it was "The Romance Special" lol Though it was very reasonable for being in Bath, Maine:)

HABIB said...

How nice the room is!