Sunday, June 5, 2011

First of the year

This weekend the girls had the first camp out of the season. The best part was that it didn't include me. They slept out back by themselves. In the little tent.

They have been fighting so much that I couldn't believe how happy they were.

I thought they would be in the house by midnight. Then when I looked at the clock and it was one, I thought they'll be in by three. Nope, they made it until 6:30.
They didn't sleep well and they have been fighting ever since.
I think I might burn my eardrums.
Do other kids fight like this?

We've decided that we aren't going to go anywhere this summer. Between the cost of gas and the girls fighting it's just not worth it to us. I feel sad and like I'm screwing the children out of something but I really don't know how much more Z and I can take. To go and blow a ton of money (that we should be saving) on kids that are fighting isn't smart.
I really feel bad for little man. He doesn't know what to make of the fighting. It scares him and is scarring him. I've been reading books to get ideas on what I should do and they all suck. Either these people didn't have girls or they are dumb. Nothing I do phases them. Take the TV from their room, oh well. Take away toys, oh well. They just don't give a  shit.
Unless of course it's fighting with each other.

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FishermansDaughter said...

I feel your pain. Only ever found one thing that works - and I think we pretty well tried everything from punishments to cash incentives- separate them. Yes. I'm serious. The instant my two utter a mean word *BOOM* they are put in separate rooms for at least 20 minutes. I started with 5 minutes (which didn't even make a dent)and worked up in increments of 5 minutes until a magic number revealed itself. That number seems to be 20 minutes. Long enough for them to reset. If they violate the "no fighting" rule a 2nd time *BOOM* separate rooms - this time for 30 minutes. If it happens again - separated for an hour and so on. The first day I did this, we went back and forth ALL DAY in ever increasing increments. After that, they "got" I was serious and they learned to play together nicely or be alone. Now I usually only have to give the "Did I just hear a mean word?" warning to whip them into shape.

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