Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bug Bites Dead Vehicles Growing Girls and other Junk

Little Z got bit by something. He woke up yesterday morning with a little red mark under his eye. I took this picture last night. This morning its even worse. Mimi and one of her friends bought him a ten foot long Caterpillar that has ABC's on it from a yard sale. They said it stunk like ciggies so they sprayed an entire bottle of Febreeze on it before they gave it to him. I can see you all cringe now. So today I am moving all of the junk out of my big freezer to make room for mister Caterpillar. While I'm at it and since all other stuffed animals in little Z's room have been exposed I'm going to chuck them in also. What I really want to do is throw them all away. I have shivers crawling up my body thinking of all the varmint's that could be in his room breeding and multiplying on this hot, humid, rainy day.

This past week I took the truck in to be inspected. It was an epic fail. It needs four new tires and a cv boot and some arm thingy. Tires for the truck are pricey. So I brought the truck home and parked her. Z told me it will be up and running in a week or so. Then he said bring the van around and I'll see what I can do to get that back up and running. I would have but when I tried to move the van, one of the back tires wouldn't even spin. Um.......Uh Oh. When I parked it three months ago it just needed a new water pump. (maybe) Now the tires won't spin. I knew Z wouldn't be happy. Again the motto-Missy breaks it-Z fixes it was in use. Z spent many hours replacing the emergency brakes that had stuck to my back brakes. He had to use a huge power saw just to cut off the brake drums because the emergency brake was so corroded. The same emergency brake that we have paid to have fixed TWICE already! Now my lovely mom mobile has a new emergency brake, brake drums, pads and whatever else goes along with that. I went on a test drive after helping bleed the brakes and Z was driving backwords very fast and slammed on the breaks. I then remembered why I am Carsick in Kennebec. I jumped out of the van and ran around the side of the house and puked. WIll it ever go away!?
So now that is hopefully taken care of Z can move on to the water pump. I pray to Baby Jesus (who doesn't love a baby) that nothing else is wrong with it. I really don't know how much more pressure Z can take.

The girls are growing nicely. We still don't have a coop for them. I'm getting nervous. Z has been working crazy hours and between vehicle repairs and emergency household problems we haven't (We, ha ha ha ha ) haven't been able to start it. They don't seem to mind though. Last week they happily munched through a fifty pound bag of food. Thirty chicks eat lots of food. I'm saving all fruit and veggie scraps and giving it to them now. They really like mushy bananas. Me, not so much, so it all works out. My fridge gets cleaned out and the girls get a treat.
While Z worked on my van, little Z sat in the driveway digging holes. He can't stand to be far away from his daddy. Every now and again Z would be under the van and say,"Little Z, I need the pliers." and little Z would race over to grab whatever he needed and give them to him. He 's only four and already he knows the name of more tools than I do. With any luck I may never have to be Z's helper again.


Mama Goose said...

Oh, I know too well of the car woes... I've been avoiding going for my overdue sticker. I just don't want to know how much it's going to cost... Good thing it's summer though so our wonderful men can work on them until the sun goes down, huh?

FishermansDaughter said...

!@*(*@#! cars. Hope Lil Z's eye is unswole soon. !@#*!*! bugs. It's hot as @!(*! here. !$*(@! summer.

: D