Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Morning Blues

As we get closer to the first day of school I start that panic that always happens this time of year. It's the panic of being unprepared.
We haven't done any school shopping yet. Nope, not one pencil or anything. Last night the girls tried on their jeans (all 30 pair between them) and not one pair fit. I think I shall dig a hole and bury myself now.
So now this week on top of some other stuff that's happening that I haven't shared yet because I'm afraid  to jinx it, I have to get school clothes for the girls. School clothes, school supplies, shoes. One of the girls was a shoe size four when summer started and is a seven now. It's crazy.

It's not all gloom and doom here though. We've been able to take time to go to the lake and to the beach. Last week was really quite lovely and the girls and I (while walking through a little boutique on the beach) found out what we are going to make for Christmas gifts for all of the ladies of the family. Usually that doesn't happen until December 24th than we have to scrap the idea because we can't get it to the people they need to go to by Christmas Day. My procrastination is going to ruin my children.

I am thrilled because I've decided to homeschool Dane this year instead of sending him out to perschool. I'm almost finished getting his stuff together. (not really but I thought I'd try and sound prepared)
I actually have it started and am totally stoked. Four year old minds are a wonderous thing. I can't wait for the girls to hop on their yellow bus's and go so I can have Dane all to myself. He is growing so quickly and I know I'll be losing certain parts of him before I know it. I know he'll always be my boy but he won't always want to hold my hand and hug and kiss me. So now I
m going to take advantage of it. We have joined a home school group that will meet once a month and I've started to plan other activities to keep us focused and on track.

I probably won't post much this week as Marian has some exciting stuff going on this week and next and I'm hosting a baby shower Sunday that I totally am unprepared for. I'm going to try my hand at a watermelon baby-buggy. I'll post pictures!!!!!!!!


FishermansDaughter said...

Same boat different state = I haven't done anything for school prep either. Not. One. Thing. My head fries at the thought of home schooling. Although I kept the kids home this summer (no camp) and we survived. I miss having a 4 year old! Good luck to M with her "thing" and you with the baby shower!

FishermansDaughter said...

PS that's the best piccy of Dane-o EVAR! OX