Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Saturday Before

Instead of getting ready for an over-talked about storm I'm getting ready for a baby-shower. You see I planned this baby shower MONTHS ago. MONTHS AGO. The mom to be is due in two weeks and I've sent the invatations out and I'm not changing the date. Storm or no storm I'm having a baby shower tomorrow afternoon.

Not that I'm concerned about it. I think that by the time it hits Maine it will have fizzled out. Something about the hot water hitting the cold water and all of that junk. Hopefully we'll get some big rain because rain is good but not enough rain mixed with wind to lay down the corn. I would hate to give up drinking milk this winter because milks five bucks a gallon. I also don't want cows to go hungry.

Since we've lived in Maine we haven't lost power for more than a few minutes ever. I'm not sure why because down south of us they lose power if someone has a sideways boof stuck in their butt. So for those people I hope they are prepared. Us, we are taking a different approach. Yeah, we are cleaning up the yard so if it does get windy our lawn chairs don't go through someones window but I'd much rather refer to it as getting ready for winter a tad bit early. Because (that's right I dare to start a sentence with because) once I drag all that crap into the barn I ain't bringing it back out. We'll just have to sit on the ground.
I haven't been to the grocery store to buy a bunch of food and water. I have most of that stuff on hand anyway. Maybe we'll finally get around to eating food that's been in the cupboard since forever. I hope not though.
Also if we were to get a big storm and I'm not saying we are, I would just have to eat the cupcakes that were for the baby shower. I can live with with that.


FishermansDaughter said...

You are SO funny! I'm going to start saying "lay down the corn". You never need an excuse to eat cupcakes and I'm with you in thinking we're not going to get hit as hard as they were originally predicting. It's already downgraded to strong category I, by the time it gets here, more than likely "just" tropical storm. "fingers crossed" Best wishes on a successful showah tomorrow!!

FishermansDaughter said...

PS I can't believe you haven't lost power more than that! Someone blows their nose too hard and it's gone baby gone here.

FishermansDaughter said...

Checking in...