Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Been Awhile

I know, I know. It's been awhile since I've posted. Sorry but we've been really busy and I've sort of been in a funk. I won't go into that at this time but I will tell you about all of the awesome things that have been happening all around me.
For starters: This precious baby girl. Her name is Nora. She came into the world after four hours of her mom pushing like a mad woman and ending up having an emergency c-section. In this picture she three days old and still bunking at the hospital with her mom. Her mom is the lovely young lady that the girls and I had the baby shower for. How can anyone be sad looking at a baby? I wish we could all bottle the smell of our babies. I don't think I'd ever be sad again.

My little guy and I started homeschooling last week. I'd be lying like a rug if I said it was going well. It's not and I've cried everyday. But not in front of him or he'll think he's winning the battle. I will prevail and figure out how to teach him and we will both be happy. It is my new mission in life.
 As soon as I get off the computer.

Last Thursday evening my baby girl tried out for her first pageant ever. She didn't win but she sure gave it her all. As soon as I can figure out how...I will download her talent portion off of YouTube so you-all can view it. She was amazing on the piano and I still can't believe she has only been playing for a year.

Here she is with the other gals. The young lady that won is thirteen and the other is twelve. All three did such a wonderful job that I'm sure the judges had a tough decision to make.
 I really had a hard time with her dress. I wasn't told that there would be an evening gown competition. I found out when we got to the pageant. We had been told on paper that a street length dress would be appropriate. I had heard some talking that it might not be the case. I did find out that it wasn't necessary for the younger girls to have an evening dress just the older girls. I just needed to pay more attention. So when I was looking for a dress I decided to go middle of the road. After all my baby girl is ten and that's how I wanted her to look. TEN. I think I nailed it, don't you? The best part was-the other girls had on borrowed gowns and they were stained and ripped in places for not being taken care of properly. I bought Mimi's dress off of e-bay for twenty-six bucks with eight bucks shipping. It was here in three days. Now she has had the dress for the pageant and is able to wear it for Easter Sunday. Then we will have it cleaned again and pass it to another young lady. (you can't tell but but both of the other girls are wearing three inch heels with their gowns. WHY!? It's not attractive to clomp everywhere you go.)
Also I must tell you about all of the hard work it takes to run a pageant. The ladies who put it on and the ladies that judged it. INCREDIBLE- I tell you! All of the woman have something to do with Agriculture- either farming or working in the Ag field. Then to work the pageant. The pageant just didn't stop the evening that the winner was announced. Nope the whole thing lasted through the weekend of our fair here in town. The winners made ice cream with the public and passed out information on milk and cheese and the importance of farming. All with the coordinators help. I'm praying they all got to sleep in this morning and no-one had to get up and milk cows! 

 After the pageant Mimi told Chrissy that next year she was going to play the piano again BUT this time she was going to sing with it. I think I'm in for a heck of a year!

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FishermansDaughter said...

Ohhh, ok, I read/watched the vid first - didn't realize the vid wasn't from Ms. Jr. Dairy and was a separate event. Holy crap, she looks gorgeous - in fact - both of your girls are epic. Know what I love too? That you want her to look her age - watched that crazy pageant stuff on tv once and couldn't believe some of those nutzos. Nice to see you keepin in reals. Massive congrats on even attempting to home school - I still think about it - but am far too cowardly and unorganized. Besides - both of my kids are already at ages 13 and 9 WAY smarter than their mom.