Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An email to my sister

So this morning Chrissy has to stay home because of some stupid rule about kids not going to school with temps over 99.
I go up into the barn to check for eggs. We ended up getting a bakers dozen yesterday. I'm up there just screwing around cause one of the rotten chickens are in the middle of laying. Chrissy comes up to see if I need help. She hangs out for a minute and decides she's going in the house. She then does the unthinkable but I don't know it yet.
Ever since we got these damn chickens I've had to remind her to lock the door behind her so an animal doesn't get in. What does that kid of mine do!? She locks the frigging door behind her!!!!!!!!!!
So I'm up there minding my own business and the hens are clucking like crazy because they want to lay and I'm making them nervous so I decide it's time for me to go. I go to get out and I'm locked in!!!!!!
You don't don't know how freaky and beady a chickens eyes are until your locked in with them and you can't get out. I had visions of tripping over one of them and falling down and them all jumping on top of me and pecking me to death. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH
I had to yell for fifteen minutes before she heard me and came and let me out. I'm sure my neighbors were impressed, but then again maybe they should has stepped outside to see if something was wrong. See if I ever tell another neighbor their CHIMNEY is on FIRE ever AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! All Chrissy could do is laugh and laugh and laugh. She laughed so hard and so much she ended up puking.
I sure hope your day is better than mine
Your beautiful younger sister who could have become chicken food Melissa

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Field Hockey Sucks up our lives

We are almost finished with the field hockey season. Practice twice a week an hour and a half each. Games all day Sunday and sometimes one thrown in Saturday. I must admit, I'm tired. I'm ready for it to be over. On the other hand, I love field hockey and so does Mimi. There is something to be said about a bunch of little chicks with sticks. Very hard sticks that hit very hard balls. Which is why after looking at this picture and wondering whats missing I see Mimi isn't wearing her eye protection. Grrrr. She can't stand to wear them. I tell her I can't stand the thought of a plastic surgeon putting her face back together again.
She also is on an awesome team. The girls are all really nice and her coaches are the best. I mean REALLY the best. They put in long hours of field hockey, they work full time and have families. I don't know how they do it.

Speaking of chicks.........I might get some ducks!

I can't remember if I posted Mimi in her gown or not. So here it is and if I posted it already well so what.....I'm not sure what happened with her pantyhose. The package said nude. That's the last time I buy pantyhose at Marden's.
Tomorrow I am having a surprise birthday party for Mimi. Hopefully we can make it one more day without her finding out. Wish us luck!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Family not so fun day

As I start to type this I have a thermometer in my mouth and I'm praying that my temp is at least 102 so I have an excuse to go and crawl back into bed.  (crap, it's not even 99 but I feel like it could be 102, does that count?)

A few weeks ago Z decided that he needed some space of his own. This was decided after I pitched a huge fit about the dining room being full of his work stuff. Not that I was angry that his stuff was laying scattered all about but it was the fact that EVERY room in the house seemed to be overflowing with papers and junk. He just happened to be the first one I saw when I was on my rampage.

So bright and early Saturday morning we all had to get up and join in for what Z called Zawistowski Family Fun Day.

As you can see from the pictures the children were having so much fun. So much fun in fact that I wanted to smash my own head like a pumpkin on Halloween night.

There is nothing like mixin a little mud to bring a family close. Or lugging five gallon pails half full of it. Bucket after bucket until your fat under exercised body feels like its going to explode.

At the end of the day though Z got his desk/workbench and the girls  and little Z got to experience first hand how to play with concrete. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthdays and chickens

Saturday we celebrated Chrissy's thirteenth birthday. It doesn't seem possible. What is even crazier is Kate the Great turning twenty four this Friday. Holy crap on a stick I can't believe I'm old enough to have a child who is twenty four! Where has all the time gone? Twelve days after that Mimi turns eleven.  October is more expensive than Christmas for our family. Every year we say we are going to do thing different but it all ends up the same.

During Chrissy's party the kids carved pumpkins and some of the ladies came out for a visit. They love pumpkin guts. This one gal is a real people pleaser and she likes to follow me around pecking at my pants until I pick her up or scratch under her wings. I can't remember her name but I call her and the rest of them Dinner if they don't produce.

Chrissy's birthday was a nice time and the girls she invited were all wonderful young ladies with bright smiles and good manners. I'll post more party pictures later after I get permission from the birthday girl. As she has started her own Blog and wants to post about her party herself......

So we are getting close to the twentyfour to twentysix week mark with the hens. That means they should start laying pretty soon.  We don't even have their coop done. HA HA it's not even started! I had sold six chickens to a man who comes around selling fresh spuds and veggies and he stopped by to let me know the hens I sold him had started to lay two weeks ago. OH MY WORD!!!! After he left I raced up to the top of the barn and started to look for eggs. I didn't find a one and I checked all the gilrs for dries egg on their beaks. None. Thank goodness! So I fashions some laying boxes out of window planters that they promptly knocked over and scattered all the shavings. I cleaned it all back up and thought it is what it is.

Yesterday morning I was out visiting the ladies and found these in the garbage can. They were still warm......

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Homeschool on the fly

I think I always knew I would start out homeschooling little Z.  It just seem to make sense. I talked about it, told people about it and then the day came and guess what!? I hadn't done anything about it. NOT ONE THING. Typical Missy. Or as Z calls me,"Last minute Missy."
So I quickly joined an awesome homeschool group that meets once a month at our church. I also joined another group where once a month we go somewhere like hiking or a walk in the woods. It was a start.

Then I had to scramble on a zero budget  to get something together to teach little Z's young mind. I still can't believe that I have ever taught my kids anything and that they have learned from it. It really does amaze me and it also makes me want to stick my tongue out at certain people who say you need a degree to teach. (Because I'm so mature)

I quickly found (after digging through a ton of bins in the basement) our very first homeschool bin. I struck paydirt. Everything I needed for this year. After two weeks though I realised that I didn't quite have everything.
You see, I didn't teach my kids to read. When I started to homeschool the girls they could already read. So after playing around with a few different things I knew I couldn't teach Dane to read without some serious guidence. I knew I couldn't afford Hooked on Phonics and I sooooo wanted to. I finally decided to go with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons . (purchased off of EBAY for $3.00) Today we started lesson 1. Either we'll learn to read or die trying.