Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthdays and chickens

Saturday we celebrated Chrissy's thirteenth birthday. It doesn't seem possible. What is even crazier is Kate the Great turning twenty four this Friday. Holy crap on a stick I can't believe I'm old enough to have a child who is twenty four! Where has all the time gone? Twelve days after that Mimi turns eleven.  October is more expensive than Christmas for our family. Every year we say we are going to do thing different but it all ends up the same.

During Chrissy's party the kids carved pumpkins and some of the ladies came out for a visit. They love pumpkin guts. This one gal is a real people pleaser and she likes to follow me around pecking at my pants until I pick her up or scratch under her wings. I can't remember her name but I call her and the rest of them Dinner if they don't produce.

Chrissy's birthday was a nice time and the girls she invited were all wonderful young ladies with bright smiles and good manners. I'll post more party pictures later after I get permission from the birthday girl. As she has started her own Blog and wants to post about her party herself......

So we are getting close to the twentyfour to twentysix week mark with the hens. That means they should start laying pretty soon.  We don't even have their coop done. HA HA it's not even started! I had sold six chickens to a man who comes around selling fresh spuds and veggies and he stopped by to let me know the hens I sold him had started to lay two weeks ago. OH MY WORD!!!! After he left I raced up to the top of the barn and started to look for eggs. I didn't find a one and I checked all the gilrs for dries egg on their beaks. None. Thank goodness! So I fashions some laying boxes out of window planters that they promptly knocked over and scattered all the shavings. I cleaned it all back up and thought it is what it is.

Yesterday morning I was out visiting the ladies and found these in the garbage can. They were still warm......


Mama Goose said...

Happy Birthday to Three of the most beautiful girls in Maine!! (And their Mama too!)

FishermansDaughter said...

HAPPYBDAY EVERYONE (HUGS)!! Mmmm, nothing in the world like fresh eggs still butt warm. Congrats!

my word is


chilly snookie, etc. ;)