Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An email to my sister

So this morning Chrissy has to stay home because of some stupid rule about kids not going to school with temps over 99.
I go up into the barn to check for eggs. We ended up getting a bakers dozen yesterday. I'm up there just screwing around cause one of the rotten chickens are in the middle of laying. Chrissy comes up to see if I need help. She hangs out for a minute and decides she's going in the house. She then does the unthinkable but I don't know it yet.
Ever since we got these damn chickens I've had to remind her to lock the door behind her so an animal doesn't get in. What does that kid of mine do!? She locks the frigging door behind her!!!!!!!!!!
So I'm up there minding my own business and the hens are clucking like crazy because they want to lay and I'm making them nervous so I decide it's time for me to go. I go to get out and I'm locked in!!!!!!
You don't don't know how freaky and beady a chickens eyes are until your locked in with them and you can't get out. I had visions of tripping over one of them and falling down and them all jumping on top of me and pecking me to death. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH
I had to yell for fifteen minutes before she heard me and came and let me out. I'm sure my neighbors were impressed, but then again maybe they should has stepped outside to see if something was wrong. See if I ever tell another neighbor their CHIMNEY is on FIRE ever AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! All Chrissy could do is laugh and laugh and laugh. She laughed so hard and so much she ended up puking.
I sure hope your day is better than mine
Your beautiful younger sister who could have become chicken food Melissa


FishermansDaughter said...

OH NO! That would've freaked me out too!! GHA! !@#! KIDS!! !#@!! SISTERS!! !@!$$! CHICKENS!!

Glad you got out.

FishermansDaughter said...

Did the ice storm get you too?

FishermansDaughter said...

Hellloooo - How are you?! How's Chrissy? Did the chickens or ice storm git cha?! OXOXO