Monday, October 17, 2011

Family not so fun day

As I start to type this I have a thermometer in my mouth and I'm praying that my temp is at least 102 so I have an excuse to go and crawl back into bed.  (crap, it's not even 99 but I feel like it could be 102, does that count?)

A few weeks ago Z decided that he needed some space of his own. This was decided after I pitched a huge fit about the dining room being full of his work stuff. Not that I was angry that his stuff was laying scattered all about but it was the fact that EVERY room in the house seemed to be overflowing with papers and junk. He just happened to be the first one I saw when I was on my rampage.

So bright and early Saturday morning we all had to get up and join in for what Z called Zawistowski Family Fun Day.

As you can see from the pictures the children were having so much fun. So much fun in fact that I wanted to smash my own head like a pumpkin on Halloween night.

There is nothing like mixin a little mud to bring a family close. Or lugging five gallon pails half full of it. Bucket after bucket until your fat under exercised body feels like its going to explode.

At the end of the day though Z got his desk/workbench and the girls  and little Z got to experience first hand how to play with concrete. 

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