Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Sometimes I wonder if my four year old understands my sarcasm perfectly and sometimes I wonder if he uses sarcasm right back on me but I just don't know it.

Today my son came to me as I was cooking in the kitchen.
Dane: Mom can you please make me some blueberries with strawberries in them?
Me: Of course I can. I live to please you.

Dane: Well I'll be in the front room playing with my toys and you can deliver them to me out there or I can come get them.

Me: Okay then, I will make your berries and bring them to you in a room your not supposed to eat in because my every waking moment is for you.

Dane: (as he's running from the room) Or you can call me and I'll come get them and then you won't know what room I'm not supposed to be eating them in.

This is what I have created............


FishermansDaughter said...

PRICELESS. and, I can't believe how much we're alike, this conversation could've very well happened in my house with me and my kids - where we play the "one up impossible game" daily.
Hey Mom, how about you make me some filet mignon with sugar glazed green beans and baked alaska for dessert? Hey son, only if I can boil the beans in unicorn tears and bake the alaska in an oven of solid gold, diamonds and rainbows.

FishermansDaughter said...

Aaaawfulllyyy quiet - are you ok? OXOXOX

my word is



like my house

FishermansDaughter said...

HELLLOOO?!?!?! Come back soon 'kay?!