Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

One of the only things my little guy asked for was a Green Bay Packer helmet!

It was all he could talk about. Well, that and a Captain America Shield. So I jumped online somewhere around the 1st of December thinking I could just order one up and it would be here in a few days. Well apparently because the Packers are a beloved team their stuff sells out quickly. How would I know that?
So Z and I, each on our own computer, frantically started googling kids Green bay Packer uniforms. After about a half hour I found a website who claimed they had a few in stock so I ordered it and then told Z to stop looking that I was The Queen and I wouldn't let our son down.  And then the awful happened....It didn't come and it didn't come and it STILL didn't come. Then the Sunday before Christmas I get a call from the company telling me they were all out of that particular costume could they upgrade to the next one for free and ship it out overnight in the morning. Why YES you can, I say.........

The girls have been dancing their backsides off and when they aren't doing that they are listening to their ipods.

This is our latest project. It's the beginning of something and I'll post more picture later today. (Who am I kidding, with the way I've been posting it might be six months from now)   anyway
Happy New Year Everyone
Blessing to all.....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The leaning Tower of Tree.

The tree leans. I don't care. It only has to stay in the stand for one more week.

Posted by PicasaThen I'm going to take the decorations off of it and drag it to the dump.
It's a prelit Christmas tree and most of the lights don't function anymore. So I had this big idea to unwind them and take them off to replace them. When I realized that it couldn't be done I proceeded to cut them off. When that didn't work I just added more lights. Ever the quitter.
Next year I will have a real tree again but I want to buy one that is in a pot that I can plant in the spring. No more of buying dead trees you use for a week and throw on a bon fire after. Though I do enjoy the whoosh as it lights up.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spiders Squirrels Bats and Lice

I've been an awful blogger. I can't even believe how long it's been since I've sat down to write. When I go to bed at night I lay awake thinking about everything I want to write about but then I fall asleep and when I wake up the bump and grind starts all over again.

Over Thanksgiving we were very fortunate to go to see my father in Florida. It was so wonderful and good but it was also stressful and sad. The pictures are all from the trip out. I didn't take any pictures on the way home. I was too drugged out and was lucky that I could stagger onto the plane. But that is a tale for another time or maybe I'll just keep it to myself for a year or two or three.

This past year we have has so many spiders in the house. It has been really ew. Every time we would move something out would run a spider or more than one. Then the bats moved into the eves of the house and on occasion into my bedroom. Once they were evicted the squirrel came.

He was a little harder to evict than the others but in the end he died a peaceful death of a  BB shot between the eyes .

But in the end it was the lice that got us. Yup, that's us the two lice heads. The two lice heads that got lice 3 days before the trip to Florida. I know that someday I will look back and laugh over this but until then Mimi and I will stay far away from others heads and if we see anybody so much as brush their hair out of their eyes we will make the sign of the cross and run home and pick our heads.  When we made it home from our trip the stress of the whole thing has had me pretty much unable to do anything other than function.
Soon I will be back to regular blogging and telling of our Adventures In Lice but for now I'm just trying to get Christmas in order as stress free as possible.
Thank you to all who have emailed and called to see if everything was Really okay. It is.