Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

One of the only things my little guy asked for was a Green Bay Packer helmet!

It was all he could talk about. Well, that and a Captain America Shield. So I jumped online somewhere around the 1st of December thinking I could just order one up and it would be here in a few days. Well apparently because the Packers are a beloved team their stuff sells out quickly. How would I know that?
So Z and I, each on our own computer, frantically started googling kids Green bay Packer uniforms. After about a half hour I found a website who claimed they had a few in stock so I ordered it and then told Z to stop looking that I was The Queen and I wouldn't let our son down.  And then the awful happened....It didn't come and it didn't come and it STILL didn't come. Then the Sunday before Christmas I get a call from the company telling me they were all out of that particular costume could they upgrade to the next one for free and ship it out overnight in the morning. Why YES you can, I say.........

The girls have been dancing their backsides off and when they aren't doing that they are listening to their ipods.

This is our latest project. It's the beginning of something and I'll post more picture later today. (Who am I kidding, with the way I've been posting it might be six months from now)   anyway
Happy New Year Everyone
Blessing to all.....

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