Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Henny's House

All I wanted was a chicken coop. Just a little place to put the hens.

And it's morphed into something that has been blowing my mind. By the time this is finished it will be warmer than the house.

The weather has really dropped here and I don't know how Z has been going out and working on this when he gets home from work. It's starting to shape up though but still quite a bit of work needs to be done. I purchased paint but I won't be able to paint for a few months but I'll be ready. We found two windows at the big orange store in the bargain rack for under fifty dollars each. They are hard to slide so the person who purchased them returned them. I don't care if they are hard to slide.
I have been very worried that the girls will get too cold up in the barn. So far they haven't had any problems but we are checking on the all of the time. I keep getting told that they are just chickens but I feel like they are part of the family. The dirty poopy side of the family but family none the less........


Anonymous said...

Is the train museum still there?

carsick said...

They have one in Boothbay and one in Portland is that what you are asking?