Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Boy

He turned five on Valentine's Day. I still can't believe that my baby is five. I no longer have an infant-baby-toddler even a pre-schooler. I have a boy! Holy crap on a big rotten stick!

Speaking of crap. Since the boy is five I've decided it's high time he wiped his own backside. This is the toilet conversation we had today.

Dane: Moooooommmmmm! I'm DONE!
Me: Wipe your backside and I'll be in to check.
Dane: Okay, I'm ready.
I go in to check and see if he has poop smeared all over himself, the wall and the roll of toilet paper.
Dane: Do I have to do this?
Me: Yes- your five and your a big boy.
Dane: Can't Chrissy just wipe me from now on?
Me: No she can't because she has her own to wipe.
Dane: but mom, wiping my butt is so gross!
Me: I hear ya little man-I hear ya.

On another note....We started to home school all of the kids again but after three weeks Chrissy is going back to PS because being with Mommy all of the time is a drag. Or maybe mommy can't handle the hormones.......
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