Thursday, February 23, 2012

The fun we have

Today we are going to discuss head lice. Well I'm going to do all of the talking and your just going to start scratching your head and body.

My beautiful lovely daughter brought us the gift of lice home three days before we were leaving to visit my dad and his wife. I found out she had it while I was french braiding her hair for school.

Since our other child was already at school, I called the school and told them I was coming to pick her up. Since the girls share a room I wanted to be sure she didn't have it and wasn't going to get it. I then called the lice child's school and they didn't care that she had lice. They said just wash her hair and send her back in. Jackasses. 

I picked Chrissy up from school and she was scratching the crap out of her head. I said when did you start to itch and she replied the minute you told me Mimi has lice.

We went to three stores and bought them out of lice products. I could see our vacation money dwindling.

Once we were back home Z and I had the task of washing and picking the girls hair. Chrissy did NOT have lice and never did get it. Dane on the other hand did. Thank goodness that he looks like a Q-Tip and it was easy to pick out. We didn't even have to use shampoo on him.

We took our trip to Florida and I picked the girls hair every day. I have to say it put a damper on the fun.

Plane ride home.....I see my kid in the seat in front of me and she's scratching. At the same time, I'm scratching. She leans back and looks at me with panic and at that time the very gay flight attendant catches my eye and whispers don't worry we have stuff that kills everything, I'll spray the seats after you get off. I WANTED TO DIE IN A HOLE!

We both had lice.
I then had the wonder job of calling my dad and telling him we had lice and they should probably just shave their heads. 

Fast forward to the middle of January when someone asks me to look at a child's head because they thought they saw a bug in the child's hair. I didn't want to but I said yes. What I actually said yes to was YES I WANT TO FREAKING GET LICE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it's the middle of Feb. and my hair is broken and damaged because of all of the harsh chemicals I have washed, sprayed and put into it. I pick my hair everyday. EVERYDAY people!!!!!  I dream of lice every damn night. It terrorizes me in my sleep and in my waking hours.

SO if you know someone with and or may have lice STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!! 

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