Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happenings (Is that even word)

Last weekend we dog watched this beautiful Greyhound. Her name is Zena. You have to love facebook. A boy (who is now a man) I knew in school posted her picture and asked is anyone could help him out for the weekend. Even though I haven't seen this person for twenty five? years I said if your close enough to me my family will. The funny part was, he doesn't live very close but he and his family were coming up to the closest city to me for a weekend of basketball. Can you even imagine.
Dane fell in love with her.

I thought spring was coming then we had a big snow. Crap.

I started homeschooling all of the kids again. This child made it three weeks and I sent her back to school because she is just like me.

This girl here and I are almost done school for the day. Except I took a blog break and she took an ipod break.
I think I need my head spun around because I can't believe I'm doing this again but that's another post. One that I hope I can write instead of keeping it to myself.


Robon Forez said...

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FishermansDaughter said...

HONEY! I love and support you too. So SO happy to "see" you blogging again. I bow to your superior will when it comes to the whole home school thang. You are so thoroughly awesome on so many levels. LOVE the Dane-o doggie pic. Greyhounds are super great pets...just sayin...the girlies are getting so grown up and gorgeous - just like they mamma! We got hammered with snow too, 10+ and it's STILL coming down. March comin in like a lion. (can you tell I missed you?!) OX