Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Wonder


This is Dane's friend. They have  a typical boy/girl relationship. She is a year and half older than he is. He is pretty much as big as she is. When they wrestle.....she kicks his butt. Every time. To the point where he's frustrated because he can't take her down and she's glancing at us wondering if she should still take him down or is he gonna cry.
When I first told Z about about Dane's lack of taking down a girl he was less than thrilled. He said Dane was pulling back. So I took Z to the field with us the next time we went and all of the adults waited. We all acted like we weren't paying attention as the kids played and we waited. Sure enough, Dane wanted to wrestle and that adorable little girl that looks no bigger than a minute, took him down. Again, and again and again. Z just shook his head. I wish I would have thought to tape it because someday in the future not to far off Dane is going to grow and be quite a bit bigger than she is. He won't be allowed to try and take her down.
I didn't take these pictures of the kids so I have no idea what Dane was asking her but I chuckle every time I look at them as I imagine what he asked her....... 
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I can't find my camera cards.......I have four of them. It's bothering me......Some child o mine is going to be in trouble.....
I'm off to search for them so I can take pictures again. I'm lost without my camera.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

If Anything Life is Never Dull

Tuesday morning was busy here in Z-land. I'm trying to get everyone on a schedule of getting schoolwork done and keep the house picked up. We do fine for awhile but if I don't keep my eyes glued to Dane he cuts up every piece of paper he can find then he proceeds to glue said paper to my french doors to make a nice collage from mommy. Right now he has his super hero action figures everywhere. Most of them are missing body pieces. I can't tell you how pissed I am that I spend so much money on these things and they break so easily.
Anyway, Tuesday morning we were sitting at the table and the kids were doing their work and I was putting together a dinosaur thingy for Dane and I needed to copy some of the papers. I left to go TWO ROOMS away and I was gone maybe two minutes. The cat had jumped up on the table and had himself spread out across my books and papers. I went to move his sorry ass and when I looked down at him he had a big gob of slimy green SNOT smeared over his fur!!!!! Calmly (without any hysteria at all) I asked what the heck happened to the cat? Mimi looks up at me from he reading book and calmly, like it's a normal thing, tells me Dane blew his nose on the cat. Then she went back to reading. Public school has nothing on us.