Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm Gonna Make It This Time

Every stinking time he starts to go across the bars he tells me he's going to make it this time.

 Then he falls, gets up and starts all over. And over and over. By the end of summer he'll have it.

We've been going to the lake quite a bit this week to beat the heat. Next year we are going to have to invest in a pool. It would be so much nicer and easier. Red squirrel decided to join us for lunch yesterday. I snapped this picture of him before I threw my flip flop at the dirty destructive lil rodent.

Everything is going well, I feeling the need to write again. I think I'll start story time up next week.


FishermansDaughter said...

OMG, he's getting so BIG, (not the squirrel, you know how I feel about them). I love his determination. Great quality to have. As The Fisherman used to say, "Knocked down seven, get up eight, it's the only thing that works." Nice to see you enjoying the summer and WELCOME BACK. Gods, I missed you. OXOX

FairyCat said...

coool =)